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Le hit parade des enfants Versions originales


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disque compilation compilation le hit parade des enfants versions originales



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More Pictures

Side A Content

1Le petit monde de Tom Sawyer
Performed By: Elfie
Author: Gaston M. Cassez
Composer: J.P. Calvet
2Le village dans les nuages
Performed By: Dominique Poulain
Author: Christophe Izard
Composer: Roger Pouly
3La chanson de Nils Holgerson
Performed By: Marie Myriam
Author: Charles Level
Composer: Andrea WagnerKarel Svoboda
4La chanson de Groucha
Performed By: Jean-François Devaux
Author: Roland Topor
Composer: Pierre Papadiamandis
5Au pays de Candy
Performed By: Dominique Poulain
Author: Charles LevelKeigo Nakita
Composer: Takeo Watanabe
6La chanson de Tom et Jerry
Performed By: Roger Pierre
Author: Roger Pierre
Composer: Claude Stieremans
7Un jour mon prince viendra
Performed By: Marie Myriam
Author: Frank Churchill
Composer: Larry Morey
8Lucky Luke
Composer: Claude Bolling

Side B Content

1Fraggle rock
Performed By: ?
Author: Dennis Lee Grüninger
Composer: Philip Balsam
2Ulysse 31
Performed By: Lionel Leroy
Author: Haim SabanShuki Levy
Composer: Haim SabanPascal Auriat
3Et l'aventure continue
Performed By: Lionel Leroy
Author: Haim Saban
Composer: Shuki LevyJean Canestrier
4Le pochard galactique
Performed By: Michel Elias
Author: Jacques Lanzmann
Composer: Jean-Pierre Bourtayre
5C'est guignol!
Performed By: Chantal Goya
Author: Jean-Jacques Debout
Composer: Jean-Jacques Debout
6La guerre des étoiles
Performed By: ?
Author: ?
Composer: ?
"Le trésor fabuleux,
L'ancien Ascadis,
La Terre sera sauvée,
Si ils réussissent" Il s'agit de ?