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Tubes télé années 80


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disque compilation compilation tubes tele annees 80



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Side A Content

Performed By: Noam Kaniel
Author: Pierre Delanoé
Composer: Pascal Auriat
2Goldorak et l'Aventure Continue
Performed By: Jean Canestrier
Author: Haim Saban
Composer: Shuki Levy
3Albator le Corsaire de l'Espace
Performed By: Jean-Pierre Savelli
Author: Eric ChardenDidier Barbelivien
Composer: Eric Charden
4L'Île aux Enfants Casimir
Performed By: Anne Germain
Author: Christophe Izard
Composer: Roger Pouly
5Inspecteur Gadget
Performed By: ?
Author: Haim Saban
Composer: Haim SabanShuki Levy
6Tom Sawyer
Author: Gaston M. Cassez
Composer: J.P. Calvet
7Capitaine Flam La Chevauchée du Capitaine Flam
Performed By: Jean-Jacques Debout
Author: Roger Dumas
Composer: Jean-Jacques Debout
8Au Pays de Candy
Performed By: Dominique Poulain
Author: Keigo Nakita
Composer: Takeo Watanabe
9Maya l'Abeille
Performed By: Nadine DelanoëBrigitte Winstel
Author: Florian CusanoKarel Svoboda
Composer: Pierre Delanoé
10Ulysse 31
Author: Haim Saban
Composer: Haim SabanShuki Levy
Performed By: Danielle Licari
Author: Lucien Adès
Composer: Christian Bruhn
12Les Mystérieuses Cités d'Or
Performed By: le groupe Apollo
Author: Jean ChalopinBernard DeyrièsEdouard David
Composer: Haim SabanShuki Levy
13Le Prince de l'Espace
Performed By: Goldies
Author: Pierre Delanoé
Composer: Shunsuke Kikuchi
Performed By: Jean-François Devaux
Author: Roland Topor
Composer: Pierre Papadiamandis
15Amicalement Vôtre (Theme from the Persuaders)
Composer: John Barry
Performed By: Jérôme Immel
Author: Michel Salva
Composer: Jean Renard
17Magnum (Theme from Magnum P.I.)
Composer: Mike PostPete Carpenter
18La Croisière s'amuse (Theme from the love Boat)
Performed By: Jack Jones
Author: Charles Fox
Composer: Paul Williams
19Starsky et Hutch
Performed By: ?
Author: Haim SabanYves Martin
Composer: Jean Clace
20K 2000 Instrumental (theme from the Knight Rider)
Author: GA LarsonS. Philipps
Composer: GA LarsonS. Philipps
21L'Amour du Risque
Author: Haim Saban
Composer: Shuki LevyJean Clace
222 flics à Miami
Composer: Jan Hammer
23L'Homme Qui Valait Trois Milliards
Composer: Oliver Nelson
24L'Homme Qui Tombe A Pic
Author: Glenn LarsonD. Sommerville
Composer: Gail GensonHaim Saban
25Les Mystères de l'Ouest (Theme from Wild Wild West)
Composer: Markowitz
26Drôles de Dames (Charlie's Angels Theme)
Composer: J. ElliotA. Ferguson
Performed By: Jean-Claude Petit Orchestra
Composer: Jean-Pierre BourtayreJean-Claude Petit
28San Ku Kaï
Performed By: Eric Charden
Author: Eric ChardenDidier Barbelivien
Performed By: Bernard Minet
Composer: JL AzoulayGérard Salesses
Performed By: Jean-Pierre Savelli
Author: Paul Persavon
Composer: Roland Bocquet
31Zora la Rousse
Performed By: Kity Palm
Author: Pierre Carrel
Composer: Christian Bruhn
32Albator 2000
Performed By: Eric Charden
Author: Eric Charden
Composer: Eric Charden
33Enfin Récré A2!
Performed By: Dorothée
Author: Jean-François PorryMichel Jourdan
Composer: Michèle Auzepy

Side B Content

Koménor dirige les hordes de Stressos dans quelle série ?